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The right crew at your fingertips.

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

Take the worry off of your hands and hire any crew any time at your fingertips.

Fast and Simple

Simply select your crew, the date, get them booked, and check that task off of your list.

DP’s to HMU

You can hire everyone from a camera op, sound op, grip, gaffer, and DIT, to HMU in minutes.

Global reach

Hire your crew anywhere in the world right from your smart device.

Industry experience

All of our crews have been fully vetted and work in the industry for a living.

Customer service

Were always available to answer any questions you might have.

CrewsNOW for Clients

Need a last minute camera operator for an event this weekend, or a photographer for corporate head shots, Crews NOW is the perfect platform for you! Sign up is totally free with convenience to access crew worldwide directly on their cell phone. Ability to schedule and book crew with details right from your device. Payment is processed directly through the app. Receive raw footage same day. 2 hour minimum. Crew charges hourly. 24/7 Customer service available to assess and assist with all issues. A support team that understands the needs of the industry.